BBNaija 2022, Day 16: Adekunle (Level 1) is the new HoH, Nominates 5 others for Eviction

Adekunle (Level 1) is the new HoH

Day 16: Adekunle (Level 1) is the new HoH

The HoH Challenge for this week got off to a tearful start when Doyin learned that her crush, Cyph, had been evicted.

She attempted to maintain her composure as she sat down between Allysyn and Rider Rachel.

Hermes, the departing HoH, and the incoming Riders Chizzy and Rachel were not included in the HoH Challenge.

The first task required Housemates to transfer beads to another seat and string them onto a picture to construct a basic necklace.

When the timer reached less than a minute, the pace immediately stepped up with several of the Housemates. They were given seven minutes to recreate the jewellery.

Adekunle (Level 1) is the new HoH

Level 2 Fake Housemate Modella and Level 1’s Sheggz were eliminated from the competition for breaching the rules.

The top candidates were then chosen by Big Brother after Hermes, Rachel, and Chizzy had evaluated each one.

Adekunle, Chomzy, and Diana won at Level 1, while Daniella, Khalid, Pharmsavi, and Phyna won at Level 2.

The Level Up women was instructed to sit down one by one, with Biggie even wishing Phyna “better luck next time.”

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The last round

Adekunle, Khalid, and Pharmsavi finished in the top three and advanced. Ten tennis balls that had varied point values were handed to the men to roll into the pipes.

While completing the 10 balls assigned to each of the three Housemates, they simultaneously sprinted for each other’s balls.

Adekunle became the new Head of House after scoring 25 points, followed by Khalid and Pharmsavi, who each had 23 points.

Due to his newly acquired rank, Big Brother offered him 30 minutes to discuss his nomination of five Level 2 housemates with the Level 1 housemates.

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The unexpected House swap

Biggie had one more thing as they were leaving.

Level 2 Housemates relocated to the House beyond the Arena doors, while Level 1 Housemates were asked to utilize the stairs to get into their new House. The Housemates were very shocked by this.

While Level 1 Housemates grumbled about the size of the House they moved into, Bella added that they lived in a mansion, Level 2 Housemates were glad to move into a larger place stocked with food.

Although the Housemates have switched Houses, Big Brother made it clear that their Levels have not changed.

Who will take the dagger tonight? Adekunle has a challenging job ahead of him.

Adekunle has Nominated Bryann, Groovy, and 3 others for this week’s Eviction

Adekunle has Nominated Bryann, Groovy, and 3 others for this week's Eviction | Adekunle (Level 1) is the new HoH

Without consulting his other housemates, Adekunle took the difficult choice to Nominate five Level 2 housemates.

He has 30 minutes as HoH after winning to choose the five Housemates who will be subject to eviction during the Sunday Live Show.

Christy O and Cyph were the first two Evicted Housemates, and Doyin was very upset upon learning of their departure as she exited the Arena today.

Because of the confusion caused by the transition to separate Houses, the Level 1 Housemates were unable to speak with Adekunle about who they believed should be nominated.

His housemates may provide suggestions, but they are not allowed to make nominations for him.

As soon as they had settled into their new House and had begun talking about nominations, Biggie called Adekunle into the diary room.

Adekunle said to Big Brother that serving as Head of House felt like a personal accomplishment while he was in the diary room.

The newly elected HoH sang like a canary when asked to enter nominations, and this is how he did so:

1. Khalid

Khalid BBNaija 2022 | Adekunle (Level 1) is the new HoH

Khalid has been nominated for potential eviction in week two and is still the front-runner for HoH after three weeks. He was chosen by Adekunle because, in his opinion, he is a “pretty strong game player,” who poses a danger to the other Level 1 Housemates. Hermes nominated him last week for the same reason.

2. Ilebaye

Ilebaye BBNaija 2022 | Adekunle (Level 1) is the new HoH

Adekunle lacks a compelling reason to nominate Ilebaye since he hasn’t had the chance to get to know her. She should also be nominated, however, since her housemates have disparaged her in their conversations.

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3. Phyna

Phyna BBNaija 2022 | Adekunle (Level 1) is the new HoH

Phyna is once again chosen as a housemate who may be nominated for eviction. She was chosen by Hermes and Adekunle for identical reasons—she presents a danger to the other Housemates.

Adekunle said that “Phyna is a solid foundation of the team,” According to him, if you upset the foundation, the rest of the squad can also fall apart.

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4. Bryann

Bryann BBNaija 2022 | Adekunle (Level 1) is the new HoH

Bryann makes his debut appearance on the list of nominees. He is seen by Adekunle as a cunning player of games, which is dangerous for the other Housemates.

He becomes stronger as a result of the plan, and he wants to get rid of the powerful Housemate.

5. Groovy

Groovy BBNaija 2022 | Adekunle (Level 1) is the new HoH

Adekunle asserts that Groovy would be a potential basis in the event that Phyna were to be evicted.

Adekunle cannot afford to have another danger in the Level 2 House, and he may be able to rise up to the challenge.

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Amaka came toward Phyna to console her as Biggie revealed the names of all the Nominated Housemates, and Pharmsavi lowered himself into the sofa with relief.

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