Angel BBNaija Biography: Age, Parents, Boyfriend & Net-worth 2023

Angel BBNaija Biography 2022

Angel BBNaija Biography. Angel was first female to enter the Big brother house in the BBNaija Season 6 “Shine Ya Eye” Edition where she came 5th place in the Big Brother 2021 TV Show.

BBNaija’s Angel Agnes Smith is a poet and writer of plays. She likes to write, watch movies, and, most of all, sleep. 

She says that she is a friendly, easygoing person who likes to tell stories. She writes poetry on the beach when she’s not dancing at a club. 

Angel is proud to be on the list of 2021 BBnaija housemates. Angel is a strong feminist who is known as a “drama queen” by her friends. 

This 21-year-old likes to meet new people and figure out what makes them tick. She thinks that being on Big Brother Naija would help her get her writing and photography careers off the ground. When she’s not being forced to do something, she thinks she’s “beautiful and funny.”

Angel BBNaija Biography Table

Real NameAngel Agnes Smith
Year of birth2000
State of originAkwa-Ibom state
High schoolMarywood Girls’ College, Lagos.
UniversityUniversity of Lagos (did not graduate)
Known forBig Brother Naija 2021 (shine ya eye)

Angel BBNaija Age, Early Life and Education

Angel BBNaija’s Age is 21 years. She was born in London, where her parents lived, in the year 2000. Angel is from the state of Akwa Ibom. Her parents lived in London, but she lived in Nigeria.

BBNaija Angel went to school at Marywood Girls College in Lagos. After that, she spent about two weeks at the University of Lagos (Unilag). But she didn’t go to any lectures during that time.

BBNaija Angel went to a high school in a remote area, and both her parents and the school put pressure on her. She said that in Marywood Girls’ College, Lagos, you need a score of 96 to get an “A.”

Angel dropped out of college without her parents’ permission. BBNaija Angel said this about her while talking about her life on the Big Brother show. She said that she dropped out of college because of pressure.

Later, BBNaija Angel went to a British foundation college to study mass communication, but she quit before she finished.

Angel BBNaija’s Struggle

BBNaija Angel’s life has not been easy. BBNaija Angel said that her mother’s intense pressure and high standards made it hard for her to do well in school.

BBNaija Angel began hurting herself when she was 14 and has been depressed on and off.

Angel BBNaija’s Boyfriend (Relationship Status)

Before going into the house, the 21-year-old was with someone. BBNaija Angel told the sad story of how she lost her first boyfriend in 2019.

Angel from BBNaija says that she is “single and ready to mingle” when asked about her relationship status. 

Angel from Big Brother Nigeria said that she is not ready for a serious relationship until she gets over the death of her boyfriend.

Angel BBNaija’s Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes

BBNaija Angel began writing when she was 14. Angel from BBNaija likes to write poetry, watch movies, and sleep. Angel also loves telling stories and getting to know new people.

The reality star wants to write and produce movies to show off her writing skills. This is the main reason she tried out for the BBNaija show.

BBNaija Angel does not like people who act like they are better than everyone else. The reality star also likes to get tattoos and piercings. She has about 11 tattoos and two piercings on her body.

BBNaija Angel has a unique style of clothes, and she says that’s why people get her wrong.

Angel BBNaija’s Net-worth

BBNaija Angel, who was born in Nigeria and is a reality TV star and poet, is now worth between $100,000 and $250,000.

Other Rumours about Angel BBNaija

The reality TV star, who is 21 years old, recently put a picture of herself on her Instagram page.

Angel was wearing a yellow dress and posing in front of a mirror for the picture.

But soon after the picture went viral, people on social media had different things to say about how her stomach looked.

Some people thought she might be pregnant, while others told her to watch her weight because she is an ambassador for waist training brands.

But in a now-deleted post on her Instagram story, Angel told her haters to stop caring about other people’s weight.

“Stop commenting on people’s weight. It’s not your business,” she wrote in the short post.

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