BBNaija 2022, 2 Oct: Phyna wins Big Brother Naija Level Up

2 Oct: Phyna wins Big Brother Naija Level Up

2 Oct: Phyna wins Big Brother Naija Level Up

It came down to former Level 2 Housemates Bryann and Phyna after 72 days in the #BBNaija House, and the most nominated Housemate in the Level Up Season not only survived many potential evictions but also emerged as the ultimate Game Winner.

The declaration was revealed tonight during the suspenseful finale, which saw Bryann and Phyna emerge as the only two survivors after Daniella, Adekunle, Chichi, and Bella were all evicted from the House in that order.

After Host Ebuka revealed Bella’s Eviction, Phyna yelled at Bryann as she paced around the room, “Bro we went into this House together, and we the final two.”

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When Ebuka questioned Phyna for her views on making it to the conclusion of the Game, she was at a loss for words and emotions were high as the Top 2 took the stage for the Live Finale.

Ebuka had no idea how Phyna would react when he announced her as the winner.

She sprung to her feet right away, palms on the stage and her legs in the air, face down in joy.

Family and friends flocked to the stage to celebrate the newest millionaire in the nation

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Watch Phyna’s Level Up journey:

The self-assured Phyna stated in her final diary session that she had a 9/10 chance of winning, and she was not far off.

The feisty Edo girl was unafraid of conflict and never flinched away from a challenge.

“Body not joined by comot.

If you join the body, go gather. Who’s that? “Phyna lived by the phrase “I will fight for what is mine” when she was a member of the House.

She made her mark as soon as she took off her wig upon entering Biggie’s House and delivered all the ginger and vibes she had promised when she introduced herself at the start of the Level Up Season.

As Big Brother correctly stated to Phyna in his parting comments, “You came here to change the world; now go into the world and change it as well.

There is only one query: Is everyone prepared?”

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