BBNaija 2022, Day 14: Caesar Salad Causes Problem

Caesar Salad Causes Problem

Day 14: Caesar Salad Causes Problem

The Level Up House has been extremely intriguing this evening. Each Level had to create a food that Biggie had specified for the Housemates’ task with Amazon Farms.

Each Level had two Teams, each of which cooked its own meals. The teams were pasta and prawns, a Caesar salad, goat meat egusi, pounded yam, vegetable rice, and chicken.

The first two came from Level 2, and the last two from Level 1 of the House.

The final team to offer their food during the presentation was Team Caesar Salad from Level 2.

As they announced the name of their dish, Hermes and Sheggz stopped them to correct their pronunciation of the word Caesar.

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Although Phyna, Bryann, and Ilebaye, the Housemates who were leading the presentation, played it off on stage, they muttered their disgust when they returned to their seats.

But the Level 1 House would be the place where Hermes and Sheggz’s activity would have the most impact.

Doyin talked to Sheggz about his and Hermes’ behaviour when they returned to the Level 1 House, stating it wasn’t appropriate and seemed petty.

Sheggz said that he was only backing Hermes because he had spoken out first, acknowledging that it seemed petty.

He said that Doyin seemed to be forgetting that he and the Level 2 Housemates were rivals and that he did not need to be friends with them.

Doyin, however, retorted that because we are in a competition, it is not in her nature to become filthy.

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Doyin spazzed out at him and said outright that she didn’t want to talk to him or go to Bella’s bed.

Sheggz responded by labelling her “disgustingly rude” and walked away. Later, Bella approached Doyin to express her concerns over their dispute bringing up her name.

Doyin apologized to Bella throughout their talk, expressing that she was sorry for shouting Bella’s name during the confrontation.

Sheggz’s attitude throughout the presentation, she said to Bella, was immature and shouldn’t have happened.

After speaking with Doyin, Bella returns to the dining area to discuss Doyin’s viewpoint with Sheggz, Chichi, Chomzy, and Hermes.

Sadly, everyone at the table disapproved of Doyin’s point of view and believed she had no right to tell her other Housemates how to respond to problems in the House.

We are eager to see how each Level’s dynamics evolve throughout the course of the season.

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