BBNaija 2022, Day 18: Nominated Housemates open up to Biggie

Nominated Housemates open up to Biggie

Day 18: Nominated Housemates open up to Biggie. Bryann, Grovy, Ilebaye, Khalid, and Phyna talk to Biggie about getting nominated.

Three members of the Level 2 House left on Sunday. Adekunle would nominate five more on Monday after losing the HoH Game, putting at least one of them in danger of being sent home following this week’s live show.

They told Biggie this about how they felt about the nomination.

Bryann was aware that he may be subject to eviction since he recognizes his danger.

He was thus anticipating the call of his name. But he was unhappy that when he was nominated, his housemates did not react with sympathy.

Bryann said, “No one even winked at me.” He appears to have liked it if any of his housemates had inquired about his reaction to the nomination and offered them support.

Or did he anticipate having a certain person grasp his hand? Maybe Modella?

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Although Groovy acknowledges that she poses a danger to the Level 1 Housemates, he adds that she is unable to stop it since he is unable to conceal his identity.

He claims to have had bad luck with his tasks, earning himself the moniker “Tail of the House.”

He acknowledges that Nomination is a component of the game and has no ill will against the HoH.

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Ilebaye says it seems surreal to be up for nomination after hearing his name announced for the first time as a housemate.

If she were to assign percentages, she would say that 95% of her is not afraid and 5% of her worries that this would be her final week in the House.

She knows that Nomination is inevitable and has prepared herself for this time.

She will embrace the present and live in the now as she waits, considering that this week may be her last.

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When it was time for nominations this week, Khalid once again appeared on the hit list.

In the last round of the HoH Games, he and Adekunle made up the top three Housemates.

He believes the other housemates keep nominating him because he poses a danger to them.

He is more at ease than he was the previous time since this is his second Nomination.

He is not letting the nomination divert him since he has a ton of work to accomplish and a lot of creative work to do.

He will consequently concentrate on it rather than the possibility of returning home.

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Phyna gently giggled and slightly lowered her head when Biggie asked about how she felt about being nominated once again.

She claimed to Biggie that the Level 1 Housemates are terrified of her and queasy whenever they see her.

She revealed to her fellow housemates that she made sure to look everyone of the Level 1 housemates in the eyes after receiving her nomination.

She had previously been sobbing uncontrollably while being consoled by her buddy Amaka.

She does, however, feel happy to know that she is a threat and that they want to get rid of her even if she is afraid and sorry that she has been nominated. She informs Biggie that she is prepared for them.

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