BBNaija 2022, Day 26: Mysterious prankster amongst Level 1 Housemates?

Mysterious prankster amongst Level 1

Day 26: Mysterious prankster amongst Level 1 Housemates?

The beloved Ninjas have been known to pull pranks on the Housemates in previous seasons of Big Brother Naija, but it seems that the Level Up Housemates have taken things into their own hands.

Level 1 Housemates were out of food on Day 23 as a result of their defeat in the Wager Task Presentation last week.

They were unaware that the Head of House at the time, Eloswag, and his predecessor, Adekunle, had planned to pull a prank on them.

They consented to hide food. The lack of food led to an argument between HoH, Eloswag, and Chichi.

After the confrontation, Eloswag said that if he were to keep his position as Head of the House, he would quickly nominate her for eviction.

Watch the clip here:

Food is not the only thing vanishing

Even Biggie asked them about the mystery when a pen and piece of paper vanished into thin air yesterday and none of the Housemates knew where it had gone.

They could only offer an apology. And to top it all off, this morning while taking a shower, Level 1 Housemates discovered a condom in their bathroom.

The Housemates were astonished to see it, and it created quite a commotion as they all donned their individual detective hats and conjectured about what kind of mischief had occurred in there and, most importantly, who the perpetrator was.

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Doyin mentioned Eloswag in the garden during a talk because she thinks he could be deceiving his other Housemates.

There is no evidence to support this, but one thing is certain: something cunning is occurring.

Which Level 1 Housemate do you think has a few tricks up their sleeves?

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