BBNaija 2022, Day 44: Sheggz and Bella break up

Sheggz and Bella break up

Day 44: Sheggz and Bella break up

Sheggz ultimately gives up after whining about Bella’s attitude for a number of days. Sheggz said at a meeting where Doyin served as the mediator, “I’m through! Bella doesn’t pay attention, and despite my repeated requests, nothing has changed in weeks.” Doyin has become used to serving as Bella and Sheggz’s therapist after seeing their furious quarrel today for the second time.

Sheggz and Bella’s argument about Bella’s dance style at the Saturday Night Party marked the beginning of their conflict. The two got into a fight outside the Party Room about unsolved concerns that this brought up. Bella once angrily informed Sheggz that he too was allowed to dance and flirt with any lady in the House, which led to Shella and Bella getting into a fight during one of Biggie’s Saturday Night Parties.

Sheggzy complained to Doyin that he had tried to talk to Bella about their disagreement but that she had been unresponsive. After Bella left the room, Sheggz remarked to Doyin, “I’m focused on winning the money and I’m not going to do anything that would jeopardise that. I’m a decent man and she’s a beautiful girl, but if it’s not working, it’s not working.” Sheggz proceeded as Bella entered the space once again with a broom to clean. “I won’t go back with her, not even if you urge me to. This woman is insane!” “Don’t say it,” Doyin advised Sheggz.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone, Bella this Bella that?” Angry Bella questioned: “I continuously have to remind this person to take a bath because I don’t want big brother to find out. But everyone must hear it when it comes to my own.”

Sheggz stated to Doyin, “I can’t talk to her because she flips anything I say and she is highly defensive. Doyin answered, “I get what you’re saying, I truly do, but she’s likely to be incredibly defensive. If your method of delivery had been a little bit more effective, I believe she would have understood your argument. Sheggz answered, “Really now when I’m trying to talk to her and she’s talking about things that aren’t even important, I can’t. She is so far away from the message I am attempting to convey.”

“Deji stepped behind Chichi while I was dancing with her, and they started rocking me; they didn’t even touch me, but this man blew out!” Bella asked, “How can you be upset when Chichi and I are dancing? Please let me relax; I’m exhausted. Because I have a lover, I am unable to dance or even move.”

Sheggz informed Doyin, “I’m talking, and she’s barking.” I don’t speak in ghetto dialects; why are you acting like a dog? Asked Bella Sheggz. “Your conduct is poor; you exhibit poor conduct.” Bella was addressed by Sheggz, who told Doyin that “if you ask anybody in the House yep, they will all tell you, all of them, that she horribly behaves.” Bella begged for you to go, saying, “If I am acting poorly, then leave me!”

Will they reconcile or will this ship sink?

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