BBNaija 2022, Day 45: Biggie divides Level Up House

Biggie divides Level Up House

Day 45: Biggie divides Level Up House

Nobody anticipated Biggie’s latest move for the Level Up Season; it was a surprise.

Along with adding Riders and Fake Housemates, the House was split into two Levels, and despite a merger, the separation has only become worse.

Prior to the merger, housemates periodically got together for tasks in the arena and the party room for the Saturday night party.

They began forming relationships, identifying adversaries, and assessing possible dangers.

The fact that Level 1 Housemates consistently won the Head of House Games and nominated Level 2 Housemates for potential eviction every week did not improve the issue.

Modela is one of the 11 Level 1 Housemates that have been evicted from Big Brother Naija so far.

All other Level 1 Housemates have survived, with the exception of Fake Housemate Deji.

The Level 2 Housemates have developed a painful spot as a result, and their discomfort has surfaced multiple times.

Level 2’s claim to the food they won through the Wager Task drove the food conflicts that broke out when the Houses joined.

Rider Chizzy even went so far as to remind the Level 1 Housemates that because they had won the Pocket Naira, they must forfeit their immunity from future HoH Games.

The fight over the food persisted for a while until the unified House won the Wager Task.

Watch Biggie address the food war:

The division’s evil head still rears its ugly head on Mondays for Nominations in the Diary Room. Bryann, Chizzy, Daniella, Groovy, and Phyna, the last five genuine Level 2 housemates, decided to nominate Level 1 housemates.

The Level 1 Housemates have a different approach than this. For instance, Adekunle nominated Bella, Sheggz, and Doyin as three Level 1 Housemates.

Bryann said that he purposefully nominated Level 2 housemates to give his previous housemates a chance during today’s diary session with Biggie.

He observed that while there are fewer of them, Level 1s are still present in significant numbers.

However, the declining quantity of Level 2 Housemates brought a significant improvement in food management.

For his fellow Level 2 Housemates today, Phyna prepared five pieces of pork and five servings of Jolof rice.

Groovy kept track of how many pieces Phyna was preparing. He asked whether she prepared food for their Level.

The Level 1 Housemates sat on one end of the table and the Level 2 Housemates on the other while they were eating.

While the Level 2 Housemates were eating, Doyin commented, “I’m so happy I don’t care about food much.”

For Rachel and Bella, who are both from Level 1, Sheggz, the Tail of House, baked bread with eggs while sporting his green “here to serve” apron.

Will the rift widen and will there be more wahala over food now that the Housemates failed at last week’s wager task and don’t have any Pocket Naira to purchase additional food?

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