BBNaija 2022, Day 46: “My friendship is not by force!” Doyin says to Bryann

My friendship is not by force

Day 46: “My friendship is not by force!” Doyin says to Bryann

Last night after the Task, Doyin approached Bryann to ask him why he had acted in such an odd way throughout it. Bryann was said to be behaving oddly because Doyin placed him on her Team, and he would have acted differently if he had been on the Team of a different Housemate, according to Doyin. Bryann agreed and explained his behaviour as a result of his erroneous notion that Doyin was to blame for his Team’s failure on the Quidax Task.

Doyin reminded Bryann that he was under no duty to accept her friendship since it was causing Bryann to behave abnormally right after the Minimie Task. Doyin also complained about how she could only be cool with Bryann when he gave the go-ahead.

Bryann’s demeanour after they completed their Task served as the impetus for Doyin’s answer. Despite being on Doyin’s squad, she didn’t think his performance was at all successful.

Bryann reluctantly acknowledged that Doyin was correct and that his attitude was like way because he unconsciously held her responsible for a Task setback that had occurred in the past.

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After her back-and-forth with Bryann, Doyin was spotted discussing the issue with Chizzy. Chizzy speculates that Bryann’s attitude may have been influenced less by the Task and more by his adoration for Doyin.

Using himself as an example, Chizzy said that one of his preferred methods for expressing his love for a lady when he was a student was to ignore her as if there were a problem and would only ultimately declare his affections after he and the woman had made an effort to heal fences.

Bryann is rebuked by Doyin:

That could be the case. Chizzy was correct when he said that Bryann’s true motivation could eventually become clear, even if we are doubtful of it.

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