BBNaija 2022, Day 48: It’s us against them in Biggie’s House

It's us against them in Biggie's House

Day 48: It’s us against them in Biggie’s House

Food has proven to be the most challenging to handle in the House following the Level Up House merger.

As head of the house, Hermes interfered, and they had a great conversation about communal cooking. Hermes did not believe it would work, but the Housemates gave it a shot.

Rachel prepared food, distributed it to the guests, set aside beef for the helpers, and handed Bella chicken.

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For offering his girl food she doesn’t eat, Sheggz was furious and labelled Rachel dumb.

As a result, there was no one to pick up the rice that had spilt on the table.

Watch Rachel and Sheggz fight

Rachel noticed Bella eating the chicken that Sheggz had criticized earlier today.
Since then, the brawl has dominated conversations inside the house and sparked divisions among the residents.

The head cooks of the House, Phyna, Chichi, and Rachel, are located on one side of the partition.

So far, Daniella, Groovy, and Bryann are on their side. Levels 1 and 2 are collaborating to wage a food war for the first time.
Bella, Chomzy, Eloswag, and Sheggz are on the opposite side of the wall.

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The four gossiped about the altercation Sheggz had in the afternoon, claiming that Rachel has just been pursuing power ever since she moved into the House.

Watch Rachel and Sheggz fight:

This afternoon, when Chichi, Rachel, and Phyna were having a noisy argument, they noticed Chomzy preparing rice and stew for her side that belonged to the collective.

After finishing his meal, Dotun said that the stew was not even sweet. Dotun waited for Chichi‘s meal as she prepared later, telling her that he was there.

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