BBNaija 2022, Day 51: Scattered tables and relocations

Scattered tables and relocations

Day 51: Scattered tables and relocations

The Sundays at Biggie’s House are challenging. In addition to Ebuka choosing vacuity during House crossings, the House loses at least one other resident.

He reminds the Housemates that Biggie is really constantly watching by asking them questions.

If he is not requesting clarification on the gist, he may be asking for shipping information.

It was no different last night, as Ebuka questioned Hermes on a remark he had made.

Outside the House, Hermes had promised not to interact with Giddyfia, Rachel, or Bryann.

Hermes attempted to clarify this when Ebuka requested it, but Ebuka was unsuccessful.

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He resolved his conflict with Bryann and informed Ebuka that he is not at odds with Rachel.

Giddyfia’s breach of their allegiance vow renders any attempts at redemption futile.

The chat Bella had with Hermes paled in comparison to what she had with Ebuka.

Ebuka questioned her about if Sheggz’s incessant demands for apologies and name-calling were her love languages.

Ebuka said, “I hear you being labelled an idiot, you’re ill, and you’re foolish.” Bella said, “I genuinely like him, but it’s not a love language.”

This prompted the Shella ship to make a passionate love proclamation in the Garden.

Sheggz admitted to Bella that he had no intention of falling in love, but that he was certain Bella was the woman he wanted to wed.

However, Sheggz will make a choice in response to Ebuka’s query that he is aware Bella would not approve of.

Bella thought Sheggz wanted to end their relationship, although that topic was not discussed.

The Shella ship broke up after the Saturday Night Party last week, so this wouldn’t be the first time. Do you believe they will opt to end the relationship?

The new Level 3 House Guests had a lot to say after settling in and being there when Bella, Sheggz, and Rachel earned Strikes and a Warning.

Doyin noted that Bella and Sheggz may be unpleasant to others and that they should anticipate that people would respond to their energy in like after they expressed their opinions on the food battle.

Eloswag was unable to understand Sheggz’s claim that he is despised by members of the House.

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On a happier note, Rachel, Chichi, and Phyna partied in the garden and made a lot of noise in celebration of not getting evicted.

When Phyna informed them that her child was experiencing a headache, Chichi and Rachel began to imitate Bella’s previous punishment of giving Phyna a strike for provocation. Were they aiming their blows at Bella?

Will Eloswag, Chomzy, and Doyin’s absence from the main House but continued participation in the game have any impact on it?

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