BBNaija 2022, Day 54: The movie date causes heartache for Bella and Rachel

Day 54: The movie date causes heartache for Bella and Rachel

Day 54: The movie date causes heartache for Bella and Rachel

Tickets for the Showmax movie night with Chichi, Phyna, Groovy, Eloswag, and Sheggz came yesterday night.
Head of House Phyna received a brief with the names of the Housemates who had purchased movie tickets.

Chichi, Eloswag, Groovy, Phyna, and Sheggz were these housemates. The Housemates were instructed to prepare for an overnight at Level 3 in addition to securing a movie date.

As soon as the brief was read, Sheggz and Rachel both questioned why Bella’s name wasn’t on it. Rachel also questioned the exclusion of her own name.

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Lovers split apart

Eloswag offered to give Bella his ticket so she could go as Chomzy’s date and still get to go with Sheggz because Bella and Sheggz were plainly distraught about not being on the list.

Bella was forced to stay behind when Biggie contested his argument.

She didn’t take the news of the separation well, so Sheggz went to comfort her before she went to bed.

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But because this would be their first night apart since the beginning of the season, she didn’t stop crying as he went.

Lost funds

After the brief was read, Rachel was equally sad to see that her name was not on the list. She continued to cry beneath the covers for a while until Adekunle arrived to talk to her.

Rachel seeks answers

It should be emphasized that Rachel had just read the brief outlining the Tail of House punishment she would have to do for the remainder of the week before reading the short announcing the movie date.

Was this the cause of her extreme emotion? We’re not sure, but a date to the movies could have helped her forget about the trauma of being the Tail of the House.

She accused Hermes of not confirming her allegations that she had bought a movie ticket from Biggie while chatting with Adekunle.

Adekunle, however, mildly refuted this idea by pointing out that Hermes was no longer Head of House at the time that Biggie had requested confirmation from individuals who had purchased movie tickets.

Good boy no dey pay

Eloswag volunteered to give Bella his ticket when she voiced her regret at not being included on the list so she could travel with Chomzy and have a chance to see Sheggz.

Despite Biggie’s denial of Eloswag’s plan, Chomzy did not appreciate this gesture.

Chomzy questioned Eloswag about why he chose to give Bella his ticket without first speaking to her while getting ready for the movie date.

He made an effort to defend himself but gave up in the face of frustration and left Chomzy by herself in the garden where they had their chat.

Chomzy queries Eloswag

Chomzy, Chichi, Eloswag, Groovy, Phyna, and Sheggz all made their way to Level 3 after the drama, where they watched their movie and stayed the night.

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