BBNaija 2022, Day 58: Chichi secures a spot in the Finale 

Day 58: Chichi secures a spot in the Finale

Day 58: Chichi secures a spot in the Finale

The most prized Head of House title to date, tonight’s victory guarantees a place in the Season Finale.

When Big Brother revealed that tonight’s victor will not only be proclaimed Head of House, have access to the executive Head of House bedroom, and attend the Showmax Movie Night, but would also have Supreme Veto Power, the stakes became much greater.

The “See-Saw Beams” head of house game tonight was modeled after the playground see-saw but with a twist.

The beams were uniquely designed with a small container at one end that resembled the Big Brother eye and an empty side with a drawn line on the other.

Five balls were handed to each housemate, who had to carry one ball at a time by crossing the beam to the opposite side and placing it in the small container.

Housemates were instructed to keep doing this until all balls were successfully delivered.

Housemates battled to keep the balls in the container as the game went on since the beam would shift whenever they stepped on it, spilling their balls out in the process.

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The key to the game was balance, and Chichi demonstrated that she had excellent control of hers.

She yelled throughout her tries in classic Chichi fashion, but this turned out to be her superpower as she defeated her opponents.

When the game was over, Big Brother thanked her for winning this week’s Head of House and remembered all the past occasions when she came close but fell short.

Biggie asked Chichi who she should choose to share the Head of House Bedroom with, and Chizzy, who was overjoyed, gladly agreed.

When Daniella was named this week’s Tail of the House, Big Brother informed her that she will get her prize at a later time.

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Chichi would have the opportunity to hear from her competitors as they competed for a seat in the Finale because she was the newly elected Head of the House and bearer of the Supreme Veto Power.

Housemates have 90 seconds to make their case to the Supreme Veto Holder in order to be sent directly to the Finale.

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