BBNaija 2022, Day 65: Wahala brews for Chichi in the House

Day 65: Wahala brews for Chichi in the House

Day 65: Wahala brews for Chichi in the House

After the Live Eviction Show, Bella confronted Chichi in an effort to resolve their issues after Chichi became unhappy with Bella over a comment she made about her dancing.

Chichi and Bella’s unsuccessful conversation today was what got things started because most of the Housemates were talking about Chichi.

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It all began with Bella, Rachel, and Phyna in the yard when the latter informed the two former Level 1 women that Chichi loved Groovy.

By claiming that Chichi kept asking for Groovy on Sunday morning throughout the battery swap, she provided proof for her assertions.

Bella said that she disagreed with Chichi’s ongoing hostility and her inability to come around even after being pointed out for her errors.

This prompted Rachel to give a brief summary of all of her issues with Chichi, including their most recent argument with the Showmax ticket.

Adding to her agitation, Rachel said she didn’t believe Deji was at all interested in Chichi.

Adekunle expressed his worries to Daniella and Bryann by saying, “I think Chichi is in trouble,” after overhearing Bella, Rachel, and Phyna talking about Chichi in the garden.

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He narrated all he had heard the women say in the Garden and voiced his disappointment in Rachel for always clinging to Phyna and taking Phyna’s side in everything.

Adekunle and Daniella talking about Chichi

Bella entered the bedroom from the garden while Adekunle, Daniella, and Bryann were analyzing the shift in dynamics between Chichi and Phyna.

The gist didn’t wane; it just gained more momentum.

Bella clarified that Chichi’s attitude has changed after taking on the role of Head of House. Bella said, “I was astonished to hear Chichi speak about being under a lot of strain.”

Adekunle, a former Head of House who was perplexed by Chichi’s assertions, refuted them, although Daniella softened them by pointing out that it could be difficult to maneuver in the HoH position.

Chichi and Phyna make amends

In an effort to repair their relationship, Phyna and Chichi spoke later in the day.

While Chichi is a friend, according to Phyna, she doesn’t understand Chichi’s attraction to Groovy.

She stated to Chichi that while she didn’t mind their banter, she began to worry as Chichi began leaning even more on Groovy.

Even Phyna questioned why Chichi offered to help fold her clothing but not Groovy’s. A startled Chichi defended her by claiming that she always assisted everyone.

Phyna maintained her line of inquiry despite Chichi’s assertion that Phyna’s opinions about her and Groovy were false and that her encounters were merely accidental.

Chichi answered by claiming everyone in former Level 1 considered Phyna as a danger back then. “You told me in the past that people were constantly Nominating in Level 1, but I heard that if anybody wanted me Nominated, it was always you,” stated Phyna.

Chichi then brought up a chat she had with Phyna about the Nominations in which she had complimented Phyna on her strength.

In addition, the Head of the House said she didn’t like how Phyna gossiped about her to the other Housemates rather than addressing her.

The House is clearly divided into groups, Chichi said, adding that she is not disturbed by this because she and Phyna had previously been on opposing sides, even if it grieved her that they were having problems.

She ultimately told Phyna that while it wasn’t a secret, she considered Groovy to be a fantasy.

Chichi also reminded Phyna that it was her who had informed Chichi that Groovy had been stolen by Beauty, forcing Phyna to hurriedly go.

Chichi apologized to Phyna for their misunderstanding at the end of their difficult talk, which gave her the opportunity to warn her about her attitude shift since becoming HoH.

Chichi was on a war path

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