BBNaija 2022, Day 66: Finale alliances and detachments in the House

Day 66: Finale alliances and detachments in the House

Day 66: Finale alliances and detachments in the House

The events following the Sunday Night Live Eviction Show took an unexpected turn. Along with the sudden argument between Chichi and Bella about her dancing, a new relationship unpredictably developed.

No one anticipated the bond the two developed to manifest itself in the House.

The two Level Up females become one after the eviction of their boyfriends Groovy and Sheggz.

Chichi, whom Phyna believed to be a friend but who made advances toward Groovy, served as the focal point of their new friendship.

Bella also felt free to express her disapproval of Chichi’s demeanor.

She claimed that she constantly felt like she was up against it.

Phyna confront Chichi

Chichi has been alone since the dawn of Day 66 as a result of this new alliance.

Chichi slept in instead of going to her morning workout.

She wasn’t awakened, or perhaps she decided not to join the team in the arena. She then got up, dressed for the day, and went short to the garden before returning to the bedroom, where she laid and did nothing except look into space.

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But since Hermes‘ Eviction, the friendships between Adekunle, Bryann, and Daniella have grown stronger.

Adekunle and Hermes got along well in the House. As Daniella began her Tail of House Punishment, Adekunle, Bryann, and Hermes kept her company and demonstrated their loyalty to her.

Ever since Hermes’ Eviction, the band has kept going. On Day 66’s early morning, the three bonded over gossip about the ships in the House.

They talked about Sheggz and Bella’s relationship, and while Adekunle believed it to be fake, Bryann disagreed.

Bryann reasoned that because the ship left so early in the season, it must be a real ship. They also laughed at Ebuka’s thunderous question to Bella about if Sheggz’s insults were her “love language.”

It wasn’t attractive, according to Adekunle. He continued to express his affection for Bryann and Daniella as they were talking.

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