BBNaija 2022, Day 69: A dirty Kitchen, a dirty fight

Day 69: A dirty Kitchen, a dirty fight

Day 69: A dirty Kitchen, a dirty fight

As arguments erupted like wildfire, the accumulating dishes in Biggie’s kitchen tore the House apart.

The argument reached Adekunle and Chizzy.

Adekunle made an effort to emphasize the idea that dishes should be handled privately.

He didn’t understand Chizzy’s justification that he cleansed the group’s glasses and never complained.

In contrast to the Living Room that the collective utilized, Adekunle believed that people should wash their own personal items.

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Bella chimed in during this argument to add her two cents.

She did comprehend why Adekunle said that washing dishes is personal given that he doesn’t usually do it.

She continued by saying that he occasionally left his dish on the table, which was equivalent to putting it in the sink.

Adekunle made repeated attempts to express his sense of ownership over his meals and his ability to carry himself with confidence in that regard.

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He soon stopped up trying to explain himself to Bella and said that she is “not especially clever,” but she was having none of it.

Watch the food feud

The conflict between Rachel and Bryann then swiftly intensified. Rachel’s claim that he was the owner of the soiled cup on the table infuriated him.

He said he rinsed the cup he used right away. Bryann stood up and urged Rachel to stop using his name and stop talking about his emotional energy instead of addressing him directly.

Bryann stated, “You folks are annoying me,” and Bella referred to it as foolish chatter.

Bryann eventually left after declaring that the argument about a filthy House was beneath him and that he wouldn’t feel proud of himself looking back on this video in five years.

In order to avoid dealing with the people there, he was counting down the minutes till he would go.

Bryann lamented how much he is over the House and some of his pet peeves last night after the Pool Party.

Daniella assumed he was complaining about her, even though he wasn’t, because it was unclear to whom he was making the complaint.

Watch Bryann complain

Will Housemates quarrel over another issue with the Finale only a few hours away?
We are placing a wager on Ebuka entering the House later.

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