Day 10: Beauty and Ilebaye fight again! – BBNaija 7

Day 10: Beauty and Ilebaye fight again

BBNaija 7 “Level Up” has given us with a lot of drama already, and the developing ships that seem to be taking centre stage are busting up.

The relationship between Beauty and Groovy is one that has recently attracted notice.

Everyone in the House seemed to agree that Beauty and Groovy are a couple, despite the fact that they have not explicitly stated their relationship. This duo looks amazing together.

However, this union has produced several stressful situations that likewise pose a risk of spilling into Level 1.

Many people in Level 2 think the quarrel between Ilebaye and Beauty this afternoon in the Garden about “unwashed dishes” was completely unrelated to the kitchen or cleanliness.

The argument between the two—who also got into an altercation in the small hours of Sunday—began when Beauty replied to Ilebaye’s request for Housemates to wash their dishes after meals. Ilebaye ordered Beauty to “shut up,” to which she later objected.

Christy O informed Ilebaye that she had overreacted to Beauty’s comments and that it seemed as if she was assaulting her.

She said that Beauty could have a problem with Ilebaye since she feels smitten with Groovy.

Ilebaye said that she could never have a relationship with him, not even outside the House.

Amaka and Phyna, who shared the belief that the argument was about Groovy, however, drew Beauty to the side.

She was cautioned by the girls not to allow her affection for Groovy to impair her judgment. “The cause of all of this is that Ilebaye has a crush on Groovy; that’s what’s spreading in the House. If you keep reacting like this, it will seem like you’re into him much more than he is into you. You’ll look like a troublesome girlfriend. Remember who you are. You are Miss Nigeria 2019,”  she was informed.

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Groovy again in Level 1!

While all of this was happening on Level 2, it seemed that a parallel story was growing on Level 1 and also including Groovy, the guy of the moment.

Today, Chichi and Chomzy had private time on the sofa when they discussed numerous problems in the House.

Chichi admitted throughout their talk that she liked Groovy and wasn’t interested in any guys on her level.

In an unexpected turn of events, Chomzy, who had remained silent when Chichi declared her love for Groovy, later that day admitted the same to Deji.

Groovy was stated when Deji asked her who she loved in Level 2, to which she responded, “The same guy Chichi likes?” Chomzy gave him the advice to “don’t tell her o” since she was aware that this would generate some controversy.

Imagine when Chichi learns Chomzy is also interested in the same guy, despite the fact that Chomzy claims she is no longer interested since she learned Groovy is dating Beauty. Wahala go full everywhere o! 

Later on Level 2, in a heated exchange beneath the covers, Beauty confronted Groovy and told him not to ever again bring up her name in conversation with Daniella and Ilebaye.

“I get that Daniella and Ilebaye are your friends, but don’t mention my name when you are with them. I don’t know about Daniella, but I am done with Ilebaye. I am done,” she said to him.

She also advised him that it would be better if they did not share a bed again.

Groovy apologized sincerely and promised to ensure that the events of today never occur again during this chat. “I feel like you are overthinking this thing, but I am going to set boundaries. Things will be different I promise,” he stated.

Whatever the circumstances, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Groovy has unintentionally been at the centre of conflicts on Level 2, and might perhaps be the topic of another on Level 1.

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