BBNaija 2022, Day 47: Bella fights for rehearsals over food

Bella fights for rehearsals over food

Day 47: Bella fights for rehearsals over food

The Level Up Housemates need to step up their game after dropping last week’s wager.

Hermes, the Head of House, has made it obvious that they must put up the greatest amount of effort in collaborating for the Task Presentation on Friday. He thinks it would resolve the ongoing food dispute in the House.

Last night, Biggie gave the Housemates their customary dance accessories and music, which prompted Task leader Phyna to start preparing before the other Housemates joined her. Even though it wasn’t a formal practice session, it went very well.

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Since the Housemates are now eating meals together and taking turns in the kitchen, Rider Rachel served as yesterday’s “chef.”

As a result, HoH Hermes declared that when Rachel finished, formal practise would begin. Bella disagreed, saying they should work out first and then eat.

Hermes did not believe it was fair to exclude Rachel, who was preparing food for the group, by practising first. Bella objected, saying, “Now we can’t practise because of one person,”  If they ate first, she reasoned, they would be too exhausted to practice.

Hermes stated that everyone is free to choose whether to practise before or after supper in response to Bella’s complaint by raising her voice.

Bella dismissed it as “Rubbish talk,” blaming Rachel for the hold-up. Cooking for the communal shouldn’t be all that difficult, she said Sheggz. Sheggz made an unexpected remark, “If it’s not, then you go do it.”

HoH Hermes requested a show of hands from Housemates who favoured practising before dining in a democratic gesture. Hermes was surprisingly left alone with this decision; neither Bella nor her on-again, off-again boyfriend were there.

Sheggz raised their hands in favour of the motion that she had originally proposed with such fervour. It seems Bella was now ashamed of how poorly received her proposition was inside the House. What a waste of all that drama!

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This week, Hermes will serve as Head of House, making sure that crucial discussions and pressing matters are handled.

He told the Housemates that Phyna had complete control during Task preparation and that no one was permitted to talk without raising their hands before announcing the rules for the evening.

Again, food battles break out.

Housemates’ meat or chicken was ready when Rachel had finished cooking. After Rachel offered Bella chicken, she said she would rather have beef, and Rachel complied.

Sheggz then began throwing numerous slurs at the cook, perhaps believing that Rachel had refused to comply.

The events that followed left every Housemate speechless and shocked. “I’m too big to talk to you,” Sheggz said, adding that Rachel is exploiting him for “Twitter clicks.” Sheggz should just be thankful that she cooked, Rachel shot back.

Watch how they went at each other:

We have seen Level Up Housemates insult each other over food before, so this is nothing new. Only time will tell how long the food warfare will last.

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