Day 5: “I never told you to make an effort…” Bella tells Sheggz

Bella tells Sheggz

Day 5: Bella tells Sheggz

Sheggz and Bella gathered together on the couch for a conversation after their morning workouts and preparations for the day.

They talked about their relationship as she put her feet on his and he held her hands. They also thought back on their previous talk.

The two had a private discussion about one another yesterday. Sheggz stated that he did not want to come off as a man who displays his emotions too outwardly like former Housemate Ozo.

Bella blast Sheggz

During their discussion, calls for greater effort were made. Sheggz believes Bella is not responding well to his efforts to develop their connection. Sheggz adds, “You’re beautiful, but you need to make effort.

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The same idea was mirrored in Bella’s reply. “I never told you to make an effort,” she added.  “To get me you have to put in work” .

The two housemates believe that each is not putting enough effort into developing and strengthening their relationship.

Bella insisted on being addressed by her name and Sheggz kept calling her “baby.”

Sheggz, however, prefers “babe” because Bella is the name that everyone else calls her and he is not everyone else.

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The two got to chatting about their plans for spending time together outside of the House.

They discussed traveling, and Sheggz promised to treat her beyond belief.

They appeared to be engaging in a nice conversation while holding hands and laughing frequently.

Bella got a kiss on the hand and a list of promises in addition to the kiss.

Bella and Sheggz Ships are ready to sail

He told her that he would never treat her disrespectfully or in any way make her feel small or afraid.

Bella, however, emphasized that she is here to succeed and that she does not want to lose focus.

Does this imply that Sheggz’s advances won’t be successful? Keep an eye on it to see how this one plays out.

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