BBNaija 2022, Day 30: Chomzy becomes the first female HoH

Chomzy becomes the first female HoH

Day 30: Chomzy becomes the first female HoH

Chomzy has become the season’s first female HoH. To win the coveted title and become the fifth HoH of the Level Up season, she had to survive two rounds of combat in the HoH Challenge.

Biggie began the HoH challenge by delivering his customary instructions and a special message for the outgoing Tail of House, Phyna.

Sadly for Phyna, she was unable to complete the reward from the previous week as Tail of House.

She would remain the Tail of House for the next week due to her failure. She was spared from the HoH Challenge for the week since she was Tail of House.

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As in previous weeks, there were two Games in the Challenge. Eloswag was also excused from the Challenge since he was the current HoH in addition to Phyna.

The Housemates competed in a Dunkwa race in which they had to pick up a Dunkwa with their mouths from one end of the arena and place it on a plate at the other end. Two rounds were added to the Dunkwa Challenge.

Only the female Housemates competed in the first round, while only the male Housemates competed in the second.

The top male and female Housemates from the Dunkwa Challenge were supposed to fight for the HoH title in the final Challenge.

However, Biggie pointed out that not all Housemates adhered to the Dunkwa Challenge’s guidelines.

Unfortunately, every male Housemate who fit this description was eliminated.

Bella and Chomzy were chosen as the top female Housemates from the first Challenge regarding gender.

Bell and Chomzy were the only Housemates qualified for the following round, indicating that a female House HoH will be elected.

In the second round of the HoH Challenge, Bella and Chomzy had to use candies to recreate a reference picture.

Bella and Chomzy were required to replicate the picture using the exact same colour scheme as the reference image in accordance with the Game’s regulations.

The Housemate who completes this task first will lift the test tube with the candies and scream, “Head of House,” after that.

When everything was said and done, Chomzy was named the next HoH. She also creates history for Level Up as the first female HoH.

Another milestone was reached when she moved inside the HoH Room for the first time as the season’s HoH. She was invited to choose a partner as is traditional, and she selected Eloswag.

The Level Up women may never be the same after this. We are eager to see their future Task-related approaches.

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