BBNaija 2022, Day 16: Chomzy rejects Eloswag approaches

Chomzy rejects Eloswag approaches

Day 16: Chomzy rejects Eloswag approaches

For a number of reasons, Chomzy has been the topic of discussion in the Level 1 House. Eloswag’s love for her is one of them. An unmet desire that yet exists.

When Eloswag and Phyna kissed at the inaugural Saturday Night party, people began to pay close attention to his love relationship for the first time. The situation was so heated that it was discussed in both Level 1 and Level 2 House.

Eloswag did make it apparent to Chomzy after the party that he was still interested in her, but things did not work out very well. Because he had affections for her, Chomzy thought it was rude of him to kiss someone else during the party.

Earlier in the week, Chomzy had a conversation with Chichi in which she expressed her reluctance to give Eloswag a chance.

Eloswag gave it another go early this morning, but this time he ran against another brick wall. Chomzy said that she doesn’t know when Eloswag asked her whether they were “are we vibing or not?” when they were sitting in the dining area. This caused the two to exchange some back and forth.

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Eloswag enquired as to whether she was unsure of him or experiencing heartbreak. It seems like Eloswag was talking about kissing Phyna when he asked a question that was a little strange since the two didn’t even have a ship.

Eloswag continues by inquiring, “Do you like me?” Again responding, Chomzy said she didn’t know or maybe she did but didn’t want to reveal it. Is she dragging things out to see whether he’s really interested?

Chomzy then recalls Phyna telling Eloswag outright that she likes him. He claims that it is probably simply a crush before making a pledge to keep everyone else out since he has always been a loner and will stroll without showing any emotion.

We’re not sure yet, but it appears these two are still talking, and we’re excited to see how this develops over the season.

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