Cross BBNaija Biography: Age, Parents, Girlfriend & Net-worth 2023

Cross BBNaija Biography

Cross BBNaija Biography

Cross Bbnaija, a relationship enthusiast, king of cruise and the eleventh contestant to come into the house was born in Anambra State in the year 1991, grew up and is currently based in Lagos.

Ikechukwu Sunday Okonkwo is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur who insists he lives by “the rule of love” and he is also popularly known for Happiness, Fitness and Money.

The Lagos-based Cross describes himself as being “a bad boy with a good heart” and one who is as fun-loving, spontaneous and a good dancer who ears his heart on his sleeves.

Cross, who is 31 years old, likes modelling, travelling, watching movies, and playing the drums, clubbing. He is also into the mic on Amapiano or a House track or two.

When not doing any of his favourite hobbies, Cross enjoys dishing out relationship advice to people and he believes one of the keys to a beautiful relationship is communication but one thing you will never see him do is fight over a woman or people’s beliefs.

 Cross BBNaija’s Biography Table

Real NameIkechukwu Sunday Okonkwo 
Year of birth1991
State of originAnambra State
High schoolN/A
Known forbut don’t expect him to fight over a woman or people’s beliefs.

Cross BBNaija’s Age, Early Life and Education

Though Cross is based in Lagos, he was born in Kano state but he has his origin from Anambra state, He is from Igbo one of the popular ethnic group in Nigeria 

 with the records of his early days well spent in Oba Community in Idemili Local Government Area of Anambra State, the same location where popular Obi Cubana was born.

Cross BBNaija is the first son amongst 7 children. His mother is Pastor Uji Grace Okonkwo, an Evangelist at Holy Ghost School Training Program, Canada and his father was a billionaire who was popularly known as Ezego but he passed on during his childhood.

Cross the eleventh contestant to enter the 6th season of Big Brother Naija had his primary and secondary school education in Onitsha but details of the tertiary institution he attended are yet to be known as it is uncertain if he crosses acquired or attended any tertiary institution. 

Cross BBNaija’s Struggle

Life in the house was all fun for Cross as he wasn’t ready to struggle for either woman or food in the house and even outside the world but yet something wonderful happened when a heated argument with Nini over bathroom cleaning made him get emotional and decided to break down in tears in rehousing.

He said he wasn’t crying because of what Nini said, recall he called Nini a stupid person and Nini called him a dumb person with a pea-sized brain but he was crying because he had dyslexia, a condition which he said made people smarter than him.

He went further to express that it was his cousin who pointed out the condition to him and that nine out of Ten people are smarter than him academically since he is dyslexic which is part of him but that’s life and He’s got to live with it.

Cross BBNaija’s Girlfriend (Relationship Status)

Ikechukwu Sunday Okonkwo, popularly known as cross the relationship enthusiastic is currently not in a relationship but he has been found on several occasions advising people who are facing hard times in their relationship, to him communication is the only key to a successful relationship.

You are still wondering how he does that, wonder no more, it is very possible.

Cross BBNaija’s Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes

Cross, a fitness enthusiast, serial entrepreneur, an outspoken relationship adviser and a reality TV star love watching movies, modelling, clubbing, travelling and playing the drums. He is also into the mic on Amapiano or House track or two.

Cross BBNaija Net-worth

Cross of Bbnaija is from a well-to-do family, adding his businesses as a CEO of cross-view hotel, a protein shake Company called Cross Fitness Nutrition and a co-owner of a Gem house restaurant and bar in Abuja, his estimated net worth is in a range between $50,000-$250,000USD.

Other rumours about Cross

The reality TV star, who is 31 years old was up in the news when Sammy one of the male housemates in a game of truth or dare, dared him to display his manhood in front of the female housemate.

This was the first time the housemate would have this game and being that one’s sincerity and truthfulness are always put on the stack, the cross didn’t hesitate to bring out his manhood in front of the female housemates.

Since it was a game he signed up for, the female housemates were shocked, while some stared at it to their satisfaction, others had no choice but to turn their faces away.

This started up so many reactions both online and offline but that was all he could do to save himself in the game.

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