BBNaija 2022, Day 23: Eloswag wins HoH once again

Day 23: Eloswag wins HoH once again

Day 23: Eloswag wins HoH once again

When it comes to the HoH Games, Level 1 Housemates have maintained a winning run, and this week was no exception as Eloswag took home the victory once again.

Eloswag triumphed by putting together what Biggie described as “a basic jigsaw puzzle” with the quickest hands and most angular eyes.

The Level 2 Housemates, who have been leaving for the previous two weeks, continue to suffer greatly from the victory.

Following Christy O and Cyph, who were the first to be evicted, Khalid and Ilebaye are the most recent two to be added to the list.

This is a major setback for them since Beauty was also removed from the competition after acting violently against Ilebaye and Groovy, respectively.

Their victory will have a significant impact on them since more Level 2 Housemates will be nominated for eviction.

The Game 

Another week’s HoH Games brought the Level Up Housemates together in the Arena.

Today’s Level 2 Housemates entered as nine Housemates but with two fewer males.

After eliminating Adekunle as the current HoH, Biggie gave them the details of the game they would play as they assembled in the arena.

First, a bucket full of puzzle parts was delivered to the Housemates. The jigsaw puzzle has a seven-minute completion time limit.

Ninjas would position a few photos in the centre of where they were standing to represent the finished puzzle for them.

After the buzzer sounded, the Housemates began to fit the puzzle pieces together, some more slowly than others.

In typical HoH fashion, Adekunle drummed up his fellow Housemates and exhorted them to pick up the pace.

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Once again, the bell rang, and Biggie instructed the Housemates to stop moving.

Following his direction, Deji said a brief prayer and was later disqualified for disobedience.

Bryann, Diana, Daniella, Pharmsavi, Hermes, and Eloswag were the top six Housemates whose puzzles were almost finished. They had one minute to finish the problem, so they got to work.

By lifting his paper first, Eloswag solved the problem before the other roommates.

Bryann, Hermes, and Eloswag advanced to the next round while Diana, Daniella, and Pharmsavi were requested to take a seat.

The next game challenged the three Housemates to count the number of sticks in a cluster after being handed sticks to count.

Each person counted and recorded their results. The Housemate with the closest number—Eloswag had the number 390, and there were 450 sticks in the group—would be declared the winner.

After winning the first HoH Game, Eloswag ruled as the victor and claimed the crown once again.

The Level 1 Housemates’ current HoH is their fourth overall. Hermes followed Eloswag, followed by Adekunle, and he’s taking it again now.

You can catch a glimpse of what happened:

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