Shipping Saga: Eloswag accused of being flirtatious – BBNaija 7

Eloswag accused of being flirtatious

Eloswag accused of being flirtatious…

Ever since his first night at Biggie’s House, Eloswag has been hidden from the prying eyes of hungry shippers.

He is one of the Housemates that has shown a keen interest in the romantic relationships of a few of the Level 1 Housewives.

He spoke with Diana about her relationship status, the qualities she values in a guy, and his own dating philosophy the night he moved into the House.

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Eloswag accused of being flirtatious

He made the decision to participate in his favorite pasttime this morning by flirtatiously questioning Allysyn about her opinion on partnerships.

Eloswag begins cracking jokes a lot in the eating room, which causes Allysyn to accuse him of being flirtatious.

Allysyn was instructed to receive the energy by Dotun, who was nearby.

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Eloswag continued by enquiring about her interest in becoming close. She said that although she wasn’t, she was willing to spoon.

Eloswag, who was quick to point out that there was really no difference and provided an explanation for his assertion, didn’t let this pass him by.

Allysyn kept yelling at him, but Dotun interrupted and advised him to keep talking since she could simply be picking up emotions.

Whatever the situation, Eloswag has hinted that he may not give up any time soon by sarcastically declaring his intention to annoy her.

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Eloswag’s inquiries led Allysyn to elaborate on her perspective on relationships and how she maintains her sense of reality by seeking for a quality that makes the person she could be pining on dislikeable.

Will Eloswag respond well to this tactic? We also don’t know if Eloswag is sincere about Allysyn or merely cruising.

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