BBNaija 2022 Day 12: Eloswag yells back and Amaka starts a brawl after a performance –

Eloswag yells back and Amaka starts a brawl

Day 12: Eloswag yells back and Amaka starts a brawl after a performance, both levels are a little noisy today.

There is a first-time blowout among the Level 1 Housemates! The source of disagreement was the constant teasing Eloswag was receiving from Bell and Chomzy, two Level 1 housemates, over the passionate kiss he exchanged with Phyna, a Level 2 housemate, during last week’s Saturday Night Party.

Tensions increased as the women refused to give up, seemingly getting on Eloswag’s nerves.

He didn’t take their jokes lightly and blew off at the couple, telling them he didn’t think their joke humorous.

He shouted at Chomzy initially because she kept making jokes, which he said he didn’t find humorous.

Adekunle and Giddyfia stepped in to attempt to calm him down, and they only somewhat succeeded.

Just as things were beginning to calm down, Bella continued to make fun of him.

He said that she wasn’t even involved in the situation when she challenged him to hit her.

Eloswag would sacrifice his time in the home just so he could be personal with him, Sheggz swiftly stopped the conversation and forewarned.

An angry Eloswag persisted in making his argument even though Bella and Sheggz were shouting back at him, making little progress.

Chomzy questioned why Eloswag didn’t simply nicely inform them that he didn’t find the joke amusing as Bella said she was only kidding with him about the situation with Phyna.

Meanwhile on Level 2

The Showmax assignment that the Housemates were given earlier today was won by the newest Level 2 Housemate, Modella. They have three hours to create an original television series.

Alakala is a horror film that Modela worked on alongside Daniella’s crew. She demonstrated acting prowess, and after winning, she praised God for it.

Eloswag yells back and Amaka starts a brawl

Amaka made a remark that infuriated Kess as the Housemates returned to the house to get ready for their pool party.

She said that the reason the victors gained these praises is that they are reclusive.

She claims that Biggie wants them to be a little more outgoing. She cited Phyna as an example of someone who she believed ought to have won.

Phyna has a huge personality, however, so Biggie didn’t feel the need to declare her the winner.

Adekunle, Groovy, Diana, Hermes, Bella, and Daniella were on the list of excellent actors. There could, however, only be one victor.

Amaka formed such a notion based on the winners’ list, but Kess disagreed.

He questioned if she was implying that Modella was undeserving of her honour.

She said that Modella won because she was shy rather than because of her skills, which he found troubling.

As additional individuals joined the debate, including Modella, the situation worsened.

She continued, saying she didn’t agree with Amaka. Amaka was offended and didn’t understand why individuals were participating in a topic that was unrelated to them.

She was speaking to Daniella directly and wished they had been having the talk together.

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