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First Level Up Party |

Day 7 at a glance: First Level Up Party

Since the Friday Wager Task, in which the Level 2 Housemates triumphed, there has been a lot of peace in the house.

The Level 1 Housemates seem to have had some kind of moment of reflection after their victory.

Giddyfia mentioned how startled he was by the performance of the Level 2 Housemates in a talk with Bella and Chomzy because he thought they were a little disorganized and unable to function as a team.

First Level Up Party |

However, everyone at the table agreed that they performed better and so won because of it.

They also questioned if they would have entrance to the party room given that they failed the wager task during this talk.

Since no one on Level 1 was certain they would attend the Saturday Night Party, HoH Eloswag was in the bathroom washing his shoe, which led some to speculate that he could know something from Biggie regarding the Saturday Night Party and the destiny of the Level 1 Housemates.

First Level Up Party |

The Level 2 Housemates received a brief from Biggie reminding them of the Saturday Night Party and essentially urging them to be ready, while the Level 1 Housemates remained apprehensive of their destiny.

They got right to work getting ready to rock the night since they were so eager.

Fortunately for the Level 1 Housemates, Biggie also confirmed that they would be attending the party, so they began getting ready for it right away.

The Party Proper!

First Level Up Party |

When the clock hit 22:00 WAT time, the Level Up Housemates were ready to wreck the dance floor with their movements.

Biggie did not let us down when he gave the order for each Level to enter the party room and get down, and boy did they serve some moves.

The Housemates from each Level were introduced to one another, soon got along, and danced the night away with various partners.

Passionate Kisses and Smooches

There was more to the evening than simply dancing; there were also plenty of passionate kisses and flirting.

As their friends danced the night away, Eloswag and Phyna were overtly flirting.

Additionally, Dotun was seen conversing with Beauty outside the party area.

Doyin and Cyph had a very passionate kiss at the conclusion of the night, which astounded the audience and ignited social media.

Party after party 

First Level Up Party |

The celebration came to a conclusion with everyone in good spirits, and the Level 2 Housemates bid their Level 1 counterparts farewell before being told to enter their Level and seal the doors behind them.

When the doors were shut, the Level 2 women screamed their praise for the Level 1 men.

Phyna made it obvious that she went to Eloswag and fired her darts while talking about kissing him.

In contrast, Amaka enthused Giddyfia, Dotun, and their abs. Amaka remarked to Christy O that although she admired Giddyfia’s silliness, she was equally attracted to Dotun’s guarded demeanor.

Later, she made a lighthearted wager with Christy O and Phyna that if she saw Giddyfia again, she would kiss him.

Beauty, on the other hand, was upset with Groovy during the party because she thought his behavior toward the women from Level 1 was rude.

She made a warning that she would leave Groovy and that everyone would be startled when she did when she and Ilebaye were in the restroom.

Later, she challenged Groovy, saying she was cautious about how she danced with the Level 1 males, and she wanted to know why he wasn’t.

She criticized his manner as being rude and that he was confusing her.

All of this was refuted by Groovy, who assured Beauty that he was thinking only about her.

Level 1

After the celebration, the Level 1 Housemates relaxed a lot and spoke with their Level 2 Housemates about all that happened.

Doyin said that she had observed Cyph at the Friday Task and had been moved by Beauty to give him a shot after they had had a passionate kiss.

The Level 2 Housemates seem to have left an effect on Chichi and Chomzy as well since they said they had a wonderful aura about them.

Chichi charged the Level 1 men with failing to recognize the Level 2 guys’ abilities after Adekunle and Dotun’s replies.

Dotun responded to her remark that the Level 1 boys were uneasy by claiming that the Level 2 guys were truly scared by them and that he could read such things.

The Saturday Night Party undoubtedly revealed a lot of aspects, and we are eager to find out what more will transpire at the next gatherings of each Level.

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