Day 6: First pool party and a dare game – BBNaija 7

First pool party

Level 1 had the First pool party…

The Level 1 Housemates rocked the sunglasses and the bikinis and had everyone talking, regardless of the fact that the Pool Party took place in the middle of the night.

After winning the first Head of House of the season, the Level 1 Housemates were fired up for their pool party.

Despite the fact that it was the middle of the night, everyone brought the heat, with some wearing sun sunglasses as proof.

Provocative dancing movements are one thing that Africa was fed in excess of, and undoubtedly, the twerk continues to win.

It was a genuine battle of the nyansh, and the men couldn’t help but want to approach the women because, well, who wouldn’t?

Hermes, a self-described ladies’ guy, was the first to challenge the Level’s exotic dancer Chichi as he gyrated with all his might and mimicked her skilled movements while wearing a pair of high-waist short shorts.

Sheggz and Bella literally behaved as if nobody else existed. Bella entered the pool first wearing a hot bikini, and she displayed a few strokes immediately before Sheggz joined her.

After that, the performance was over. Diana, on the other hand, chose a more laid-back approach, gazing at herself in the glass while she danced quickly in her white high-heeled shoes and avoided the Pool as much as she could.

In her vivid peach bikini, Chomzy was quite the free spirit as she waltzed from Giddyfia to Hermes to anybody else who was up for a good time.

The men sometimes engaged in a gyrating competition, which was organized by Adekunle and included Giddyfia, Hermes, Dotun, and HoH Eloswag.

Level 2 Had a fun playing the “Dare” game

The Level 2 Housemates made sure to catch a premium cruise and had a good time last night despite not getting a pool party.

Biggie brought some excellent music for the House to get down to, and Phyna proposed that they play a quick game of “Dare” without the Truth portion of the game.

Her other housemates complied, which led to a fiery evening at the Level 2 House.

During a certain part of the Dare game, Groovy and Beauty also got the limelight all to themselves as they locked lips passionately and for a very long time. When will they simply give us a ship?

Then Bryann challenged Daniella to choose a man for a little flirtation, and she did.

Bryann made a big deal out of the issue but afterwards admitted that it was uncomfortable. But the conflict between Daniella and Bryann did not stop here.

When Bryann was challenged to show spooning, he picked Ilebaye to do so. He continued to choose Ilebaye for almost all of the challenges he had to complete.

Ilebaye at one time warned Bryann not to touch her breasts since they were very delicate and there was no place in the House for a spare.

Do the two of them have a relationship? We also want to know this since, when it was time for Bryann to go to bed, he left Daniella’s bed to go talk to Ilebaye about sensitive body parts.

Amaka was the first participant in the “Dare” game, and she was intended to kiss Cyph, but she seemed a little uncomfortable. Can we assume that she may feel anything for him?

Daniella found all of this to be uncomfortable and did not find comfort in it. She attempted to discuss what could be upsetting her in a talk with Kess but her remarks lacked clarity.

Kess, who was kind enough to listen, continued by assuring her that Bryann did like her.

Who do you believe Bryann has emotions for in reality, and did you all see this love triangle coming?

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