Day 9: Level 1’s Hermes wins 2nd HoH – BBNaija 7

Hermes wins 2nd HoH

Day 9: Level 1’s Hermes wins 2nd HoH

When Hermes discovered he was going up against Level 2’s Cyph and Level 1’s Dotun, both of whom had advanced to the finals of the HoH twice, he exhaled a great sigh of relief. Level 1 has now triumphed in the Head of House challenge twice.

The Level 1 and Level 2 Housemates reunited once again as a result of the Head of House Challenge, but unlike their last meeting at the Saturday Night Party, this time the stakes were much higher since all 23 Housemates would be competing to win the title of Head of House.

Eloswag, the current Head of House, was not permitted to take part in this week’s HoH Challenge. Deji and Modella, who were brand-new housemates, were additional observers.

Hermes will have exclusive nomination authority as HoH and immunity from this week’s potential eviction as well as immunity for the level of the Head of House.

How the Week 2 HoH Challenge works

There were two challenges.

There are 23 bowls with 10 toy timepieces in each one for the first task. You have to challenge yourself to set each wristwatch to 4 o’clock once they have all been set to the same time.

You have to put a wristwatch on the stool next to the bowl after setting it to four o’clock. Only five minutes are allotted for this assignment.

The five Housemates who completed this task in the shortest amount of time advance to the next round. The difficulty is little. The watches should be set to 4 o’clock. The minute hand, which is the longer hand, should be adjusted to twelve. The hour hand, which is shorter, should be adjusted to four.

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The challenge instructions instructed housemates to choose a stool, stand beside it, put their name tag on the stool for quick identification, and wait for the buzzer to begin.

As the Housemates made every effort to move their hands in the appropriate way, there was perfect quiet.

There was a faint murmur in the Arena as Housemates lamented their failures in the task before Big Brother revealed the results of the first round.

The eight wrist watches on each stool were examined by the Ninjas in the meanwhile to decide who would advance to the next round. Hermes could hardly be disregarded while he meditated.

The Game had to go on, however, and Big Brother said that despite the fact that Level 1’s Chomzy and Level 2’s Khalid completed the change the fastest, some of their wrist watches were inaccurate, disqualifying them from moving on to the next stage.

Dotun and Hermes from Level 1, together with Cyph from Level 2, qualified for the next Challenge. Cyph and Dotun would be making it this far in the HoH Challenge for the second time in a row.

Big Brother said that they might use their hands to drop the ball in response to Dotun’s question.

The decider challenge

On one end of the arena, there are 5 ball basins, while on the other end, there are 5 empty basins. Place the balls between your knees and transfer them from the full basins to the empty basins.

Beyond the designated locations, you are not allowed to touch the balls with your hands. That marks both the beginning and the end.

You must restart if your ball drops while you are moving. A Ninja will demonstrate the starting position and the proper way to lay the ball in between your knees.

The housemate who performs the best at the conclusion of this task, which likewise lasts for five minutes, will be named Head of House.

Dotun dropped his ball first, forcing him to restart the game along with Hermes, while Cyph initially seemed to be getting the hang of it.

Hermes rapidly mastered the game and chose to play slowly rather than jumping all over the place, a strategy that the other two competitors quickly emulated.

Due to his track trousers slipping down and interfering with his gait, Dotun’s hopping didn’t appear to get him very far.

Hermes entered the game with his first plan, and maybe his short shorts helped.

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