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Groovy refuses to kiss Beauty

Groovy refuses to kiss Beauty. Conversations and friendships are developing as the Housemates continue to settle into their respected Houses. Particularly, Beauty and Groovy seem to already have a link.

Beauty said that she liked Groovy but said that she didn’t want to upset him since she knows that other women could be interested in dating him.

Although we have seen some flirtation from Groovy’s side as well, he doesn’t appear to be complaining. At the kitchen table last night, he offered Beauty a drink from his cup before massaging her back and remarking, “You seem to adore massages.”

Later, this courtship encountered a snag and became a little uncomfortable, leading to wounded emotions and an apologies. The Level 2 Housemates decided to play a game of “Truth or Dare,” which is when everything began.

Up until Beauty dared to kiss Groovy—possibly because their other Housemates had seen the connection too?—everything was going swimmingly. Groovy declined the kiss, which made Beauty feel belittled. She quit the game after complaining that Groovy was being fussy. After that, Groovy followed her into the bedroom and made an effort to justify his refusal.

It seems a little early for this, in my opinion. When Beauty didn’t appear to be letting him finish, he said, “If I am out of the picture, would it not be simpler for you to perform what you’re here to do?” after continuing to explain his justification.

Beauty informed him that everything was still unclear after a back and forth in which they both stated their opinions. “Other things may make me irritable, but not this. For me, the whole procedure is a lot,” she said.

After the dust settled this morning, Beauty found Groovy and requested a talk, which he happily gave her. She then apologized for behaving too strongly. Following Groovy’s acceptance of the apology, the two agreed to rekindle their relationship.

When Beauty complained of feeling unwell later this morning, Groovy made sure to provide her everything she needed. “Perhaps it is malaria. You got a smoothie, right? “Would you want one?” he said.

Are these the beginnings of a ship, and will Beauty be able to capture Groovy? Only time will tell, but we are going to watch these two closely.

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