Day 12: Kisses and Ships Leveling up – BBNaija 7

Kisses and Ships Leveling up

Day 11: Kisses and Ships Leveling up

The no sleep gang have been curious about which ships will sail first ever since they entered the Big Brother Naija House.

Some Housemates immediately developed romantic relationships, most notably Groovy and Beauty, Sheggz and Bella.

The two groups have been drawn to one another and sometimes get into arguments.

Therefore, it came as little surprise when Beauty, at last, kissed Groovy.

When they were snuggling in bed, the pink-haired singer challenged Miss Nigeria to kiss him, and she complied.

Was it as a result of his polite request that his dare is accepted? So, his modest request was granted, and the two eventually kissed.

At the first Level Up Saturday Night Party, the two most unexpected kisses took place.

Phyna was drawn to the energy of Eloswag, and when she fired her shot, it found its target.

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Eloswag admired her self-assurance, and the two danced and enjoyed themselves during the party. When they started kissing quite passionately, the situation heated up.

However, the kiss brought quite a lot of criticism from Level Housemates Chomzy and Bella, and he eventually retaliated.

The interaction between Cyph and Doyin, who spent a lot of time together throughout the party, was the second highlight.

Eventually, the two started kissing as if no one else was around. Since then, Doyin has shown interest in Cyph.

We wonder what would happen between the two if they run into one other at another social event.

Sheggz has been attempting to kiss Bella without success thus far. Will she soon give her approval?

Bella and Sheggz BBNaija 7

Bella and Sheggz had a lengthy private talk in the garden today while the majority of the Housemates were settling down and getting ready for bed.

Sheggz believed Bella wasn’t giving their relationship any attention since she already had a boyfriend outside of the House.

By claiming to have been in a serious relationship for three years, she pulled a quick one on Sheggz.

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Her mystery boyfriend will break up with her once the Level Up Season was done due to their interactions in the House.

They continued by talking about Bella’s problems with commitment and their first kiss.

Sheggz would “not be able to stop talking about it” when it occurs, according to Bella, who boasted about how awesome it would be.

Sheggz was set on his viewpoint, even though Bella said she was lying when she stated she had a guy.

However, in order to conclude the night on a positive note, he decided to move on from that discussion.

Watch your screen closely to find out what happens in the Level Up House. But in case you miss anything, you can always catch up here.

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