BBNaija 2022 Day 13: Level 1 wins their Weekly Wager (See Video)

Level 1 wins their Weekly Wager

Day 13: Level 1 wins their Weekly Wager

Big Brother began the Weekly Wager Presentation with a message to the Housemates on sportsmanship, in the tradition of all the great sportsmen like Mike Edwards and Sheggz.

Level 1 wins their Weekly Wager

He invited Levels 1 and 2 to the Arena and challenged them to a heads-or-tails game to determine which Level would begin presenting. Level 1 won and the presentation got underway.

Adekunle presented the Level 1 game and went through its guidelines. According to him, the game is known as “bum ball,” and Housemates are required to transfer the ball to one another by using their butts.

As the second commentator for the game, Hermes joined Adekunle, which made for an engaging session.

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The cheerleaders from Level 2 took the field after Level 1’s game to support their fellow Housemates before their match.

In his explanation of the game’s mechanics and regulations, Cyph said that Level 2 Housemates will be split into two teams.

Groovy and Khalid were the only players left in the game, which had both sides in Level 2 attempting to strike as many of their opponents as they could with water balloons.

Level 1 wins their Weekly Wager

All of the Level 2 Housemates applauded one another when it was over before settling into their chairs.

Big Brother asked everyone from Level 1 to analyze Level 2’s game after Levels 1 and 2 finished playing.

Sheggz used the chance to inform the Level 2 Housemates that their sport was not a contest.

Sheggz’s appraisal was quickly followed by an invitation from Big Brother for Level 2 to discuss Level 1’s performance.

Beauty got on the ground and complained about how confusing she thought Level 1’s game was.

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She said that the game’s rules were unclear and that it was generally dull.

Amaka, Beauty, Cyph, Daniella, and Khalid were then requested to stand up by Big Brother.

He reprimanded them for continuing to use the microphone improperly, engaging in gossip, and skipping the morning exercises.

He warned them that if they didn’t adhere to all of Big Brother’s guidelines, they would suffer the repercussions.

Level 1 wins their Weekly Wager

Level 1 Housemates won the Wager, Big Brother declared when he finished with “house cleaning.”

He informed the victorious Housemates that they would each get 1500 Pocket Naira to utilize for shopping the following week.

The Level 2 Housemates were clearly disappointed as they suffered yet another defeat this week.

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