Michael BBNaija Biography: Age, Parents, Girlfriend & Net-worth 2022

Michael BBNaija Biography

Michael BBNaija Biography

A Nigerian-American singer, composer, producer, and aspiring filmmaker, Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene rose to stardom after competing in BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes 2021.

He is 28 years old and comes from the Nigerian state of Enugu, which is in the east. His tribe is Igbo.

You will discover Michael BBNaija’s biography, birth date, songs, Instagram account, and educational background in this post.

Here is a profile of Micheal Chukwuebuka Enege, the newest housemate on BBNaija, before we get into the specifics of his life story.

Micheal BBNaija’s Biography Table

Real NameMichael Ebuka Ngene
Year of birth1983
State of originEnugu state
Known forBig Brother Naija 2021 (shine ya eye)

Micheal BBNaija’s Age, Early Life and Education

Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene is the full name of Michael BBNaija. Michael BBNaija, a 28-year-old member of the Igbo ethnicity, hails from the state of Enugu.

In Lagos State, Michael BBNaija was born to Mr and Mrs Ngene.

Before relocating to the US as a youngster, he spent his formative years in Lagos, Nigeria.

Primary education for Michael BBNaija was received in Lagos State, Nigeria.

He attended high school and college in the United States.

Michael BBNaija is a young musician from Nigeria. He is a musician, rapper, and composer.

He wants to carve out a special place for himself in the entertainment sector. In addition, Michael BBNaija wants to work as a cinematographer and filmmaker.

Micheal BBNaija’s Girlfriend (Relationship Status)

Michael BBNaija is available to meet women and is single.

He also revealed to his housemates that he had been in a relationship in the past, but it had terminated because of adultery.

Michael also referred to himself as a naughty guy with attraction. He continued by saying that he had an open mind.

Micheal BBNaija’s Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes

He thinks that having roots in two very different societies—America and Nigeria—has given him a unique outlook on life that many people would be able to identify with.

Writing, making music, and following his skills in photography are some of Michael BBNaija’s hobbies.

Michael BBNaija hates arrogant individuals.

He hates conflict since, as an adult, he disbelieves in physical force.

Michael BBNaija likes to watch movies.

Micheal BBNaija’s Net-worth

Although his Net Worth is yet to be verified by Forbes, Michael is estimated to be worth $40,000.

Other rumours about Micheal

Fans of the Big Brother Naija reality TV series are undoubtedly getting their fill of the entertaining content the program is known for thanks to the “Situationship” between Michael and Jackie B in the current Shine Ya Eye episode.

While the other housemates were having fun during the Saturday Night party inside the BBNaija House, Michael was noticed seeming melancholy.

Michael explained to his fellow roommates Peace and Angel the cause of his moodiness, saying that Jackie B’s treatment of him is confusing him.

He claimed, “It’s going to hurt to move on from Jackie B, but when I do that, it’s done and I’ll start doing the things she accused me of doing.

She’s playing tricks on me and making me confused, but I’ll be alright.

“If that’s not okay, f**k you. I went above and above.

“I’ll go on that trip she thinks I’m going on with other females after I’ve been hurt for a week.

It’ll hurt for a week and then get well because I’ve been conditioned to do that.

Emmanuel saw a divide developing between Michael and Jackie B throughout the party and went over to speak with her to find out why.

Jackie B admitted to Emmanuel that she likes Michael but isn’t yet ready to commit to a relationship with him.

I like Michael, but I don’t know him well enough to merely be his girlfriend, she remarked.

He wants kissing and physical contact right away, but I’m not that sort of person.

I take my time before getting close to someone and am not yet ready to do that.

I’m approaching 30 and can’t just get into any relationship for no reason, but he wouldn’t wait. I’m not a child.

A day before, she had confronted Michael about his flirtation with Maria, claiming that it had made her appear foolish.

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