Peace BBNaija Biography: Age, Parents, Boyfriend & Net-worth 2022

Peace BBNaija Biography

Peace BBNaija Biography. Peace is the second female and 13th contestant on the BBNaija season six show. Peace, who is 26 and from Port Harcourt, is a business owner. 

She has always been interested in fashion and style, which led her to open her own clothing store, which she still runs today. 

She calls herself a “fun, outgoing, and adventurous team player” and says that her multicultural upbringing makes her easy to get along with. 

Peace is always on the go, but she isn’t afraid to stop and spend time with her family when she gets the chance. 

Peace’s plan for her time in the Big Brother Naija house is simple: have fun, be clever, stick with it, and at the end of the day, win. 

Peace is getting more and more popular, especially with people who follow the network. 

Peace BBNaija’s Biography Table

Real NamePeace Ogor
Year of birth1995
State of originRivers State
High schoolN/A
Known forBig Brother Naija 2021 (shine ya eye)

Peace BBNaija’s Age, Early Life and Education

Mr. and Mrs. Ogor had a child named Peace. Peace says she comes from a mixed background. 

This has helped her get along better with other people. 

She preaches love, but she also says she can bring war when it’s needed.

We don’t know much about her education history yet but she went to elementary and middle school before she went on to study further

Peace BBNaija’s Struggle

Peace thinks that no one is an island, so she is going to make friends at the Big Brother Naija house. 

She thinks that to move forward, you need people. While being herself at the BBNaija house, Peace has also said she will be very attentive and observant because it’s a game; and she wants to win. 

She will also try to understand her roommates so that she can get along with them well.

Peace says that her motto in the house will be to have fun, stay in the game, and win in the end.

Peace BBNaija has said that when a fight breaks out, she likes to eat her yogurt, go about her business, and watch from afar.


Peace BBNaija’s Boyfriend (Relationship Status)

Peace is single, and there are no details about her having a child. She is yet to reveal if she has a boyfriend or not

Peace BBNaija’s Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes

Peace is a preacher of love, but she also thinks that she is just as crazy as everyone else. 

Peace won’t stand for being taken for granted. She calls herself “a fun, friendly, and brave team player.” She enjoys having fun and going to parties.

Peace doesn’t flow with bossy people, which she doesn’t like. 

Peace doesn’t like being in charge, and she’ll flow with anyone as long as they don’t cross her boundaries.

Men, food, and friends are three things Peace will never fight about because she thinks they just happen.

Peace is usually very busy, but she isn’t afraid to slow down and refuel her social gas by spending time with her family when the chance arises

Peace BBNaija’s Net-worth

$50,000 – $100,000

Other rumours about Peace

Peace Ogor, who was evicted from Big Brother Naija: Shine Ya Eye, talked about why she didn’t pair up with any of the male housemates while she was there.

She told Legit that she chose to leave because she didn’t think the house was the best place to meet someone.

She said, “It was intentional I don’t want to be paired with anyone, I don’t want to be coupled up it’s a strategy, it was intentional. People will take things out of context so I decided to be on my own, I am a loyal girl.”

She said that she stuck to her decision even though male housemates tried to get close to her.

Peace said that Sammie and Cross were interested in her, but she had to turn them down because being alone was part of her plan.

She said, “People actually wanted to be with me, Sammie was interested and made it glaring, he didn’t just show it, he said it.

“He was one of the guys that cared about my well-being from the beginning of the show till the end. Cross also showed interest but I was intentional about not being with anyone.”

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