BBNaija 2022, Day 34: Phyna’s silent monk shenanigans

Phyna's silent monk shenanigans

Day 34: Phyna’s silent monk shenanigans

Big Brother informed Phyna during this week’s Head of House Games that because she disregarded last week’s Tail of House “prize” by flagrantly disregarding her fellow Housemates who reminded her that she was not permitted to communicate, she would retain that title for this week as well. Phyna was also prohibited from participating in this week’s Head of House Games by Big Brother.

Big Brother told Phyna of her award after the HoH competition concluded on Monday with Chomzy winning the position of Head of House. “As Tail of House, when you hear the Tail of House sound from last week, you are not permitted to talk until the sound is played a second time,”  She was given a writing board and pen by one of Biggie’s Ninjas, which she would use each time she heard the sound.

Since that time, Phyna has been diligently doing her duties as Tail of House.

She initially appeared to us as the quiet monk on Tuesday morning when we were speaking with Groovy.

As soon as Big Brother made a chicken noise, Phyna fell quiet and began writing down her ideas for Groovy to read.

A second alarm went off after 30 minutes for Phyna to continue speaking, and Biggie then played another one to remind her to stay quiet.

Phyna was asked to be silent once again on Tuesday around lunchtime when she was in the Garden with her other Housemates.

Big Brother took a few hours off from his monastic silence before raising the alarm once again in the afternoon.

Phyna maintained a stern expression each time the various noises signifying the start of her Task came on, despite the fact that she was obviously upset by her Tail of House Task.

Phyna merely grinned as she assumed her odious title role on Wednesday morning.

A goat began to bleat via the intercom one afternoon as Groovy and Phyna were having a talk, and it seemed that Phyna had gotten the hang of it because she instantly grabbed for her writing board.

Even though she was just halfway through playing the quiet monk, Phyna continued to act with a degree of impudence that Big Brother addressed on Wednesday night during a sponsored Task.

Big Brother harshly reprimanded Phyna when she lost her temper while doing a crossword puzzle, saying, “First, you failed at your Task last week as Tail of House, now this.”

When the sound turned on at one point, Phyna was seen giving Biggie’s cameras a sly look, but rules are rules, and she still had to take her quiet monk position.

On Day 34, Phyna could be seen using her whiteboard to have a long discussion with Groovy.

She was explaining the incident that had disturbed her and giving reasons for her anger.

Groovy, who was undoubtedly irritated by how long it takes her to use the board to speak, stated, “Big Brother, I need to hear this gist o.”

Phyna seems committed to playing the quiet monk role all the way through, but with a grudge. Will her efforts be successful enough for her to lose her Tail of House title in the HoH Games the following week?

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