BBNaija 2022, Day 32: Sheggz and Bella get called out by Biggie

Sheggz and Bella get called out by Biggie

Day 32: Sheggz and Bella get called out by Biggie

Four tasks made up the Close Up Challenge that the Housemates participated in today. The Housemates were randomly matched into male and female teams before being given the assignment of writing a love song together.

It just so happened that Sheggz and Phyna were matched. Biggie made a point to draw attention to the absurdity of their relationship, highlighting how they went from being adversaries to lovers throughout the course of a single day. This is because, during the morning Task preparations, the two engaged in a heated conversation.

Watch Phyna and Sheggz fight:

After Chizzy fake-nominated Bella and Sheggz, Bella was matched with Chizzy, and this appeared like destiny once again.

The Housemates returned to the House after being given one hour to write their song. When they arrived, Bella and her boyfriend Sheggz were cooking in the kitchen.

Chizzy continued to stand and sit in the kitchen, maybe attempting to catch Bella’s eye. As a result of this failing, Chizzy made the decision to go on and gather himself. After eating their supper together at the table, Bella and Sheggz went into the bedroom.

Chizzy remained working on the tune as Phyna moved from room to room. It was overheard that she said, “I don’t know what to do.”

Bella went in search of Chizzy to hear the music when Biggie quickly informed that the presentation had just 15 minutes remaining. After dressing for their album photography, Phyna and Sheggz went directly to the Arena without getting acquainted beforehand.

When everyone finally arrived, Biggie called out all the tardy arrivals before asking Bella and Sheggz to stand up. He warned them that he would no longer put up with the way they were undermining their partners’ efforts to collaborate with them in advance of the Presentation. Sheggz said that he advised them to both prepare their own verses and perform them as an one song, almost as an attempt to justify himself.

Biggie expressed his displeasure and inquired about the other housemates’ preparation for the Presentation. The importance of teamwork came up again, and Biggie requested Bella and Sheggz to apologize to their partners.

Later, when Phyna sat beside Sheggz and sobbed, she got no solace. Eloswag attempted to approach her, but she turned her back on him. When he questioned Sheggz whether she was OK, the latter said that she wasn’t in a good mood.

Phyna sobbed and said she hated being unprepared as the Housemates returned to their rooms. She said, “I don’t like that a human being is putting me off balance,”

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When it was time to perform, Phyna put her game face on. Sheggz sang his verse as Phyna added a few ad-libs, then Phyna followed suit. At the conclusion of the performance, she didn’t look joyful, and Groovy was comforting her by advising her to control her energy and prevent others from seeing how depressed she was.

Will Sheggz and Phyna become even more anxious as a result of this incident? Could it have an impact on the Shella ship?

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