BBNaija 2022, Day 19: Sheggz hammers on Bella’s selfishness

Sheggz hammers on Bella's selfishness

Day 19: Sheggz hammers on Bella’s selfishness

We now have one of the season’s most reliable ships thanks to Bella and Sheggz.

They are spoken about by their classmates because of their close friendship and humorous personality.

Like in any typical relationship, when one partner is unhappy with anything that is happening, the other is obligated to communicate their discontent as well.

Sheggz was particularly vocal about Bella’s attitude today since it was one of those days.

Sheggz made a supper for Bella, but she didn’t appear to want to eat it, which is when the argument between the two began.

Sheggz brought the food to her bedside and, despite her requests for him to remove it, kept it there in an effort to get her to eat.

He made an effort to work away but later returned to speak with Bella.

He called her a selfish, self-centred person in a kind but forceful manner. He continued by explaining why he had such feelings.

He said that his self-centred nature prevents him from being able to be affected by her attitude.

Bella apologized and got up to dance while they were talking. Following the short break in Sheggz’ tirade, the pair returned to bed where Sheggz proceeded to discuss how she has been a better spouse than he has been.

He apologized for the way he may have treated the situation since he put her on a high pedestal in an effort to make things a little nicer while still making his points.

Even while Bella may claim to care about him, in his opinion, she doesn’t seem to be living up to her words.

Bella argued that Sheggz had set the bar too high and that it was difficult to repay what he had done.

Sheggz said that he preferred to do more work than she did and that he did not need her to put in as much as he did.

But he argued that she wasn’t doing the absolute minimum to show him that she liked him.

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Sheggz went on to remark that he is apprehensive about starting a new relationship since his prior two partners were really in love with him, and he wasn’t sure whether he would ever come across someone similar.

Bella made an effort to ease his concerns by telling him that she did like him, but she wasn’t sure how much more to say before he would get it.

Sheggz reiterated that he doesn’t question her love for him, but he stressed that the way they treated one another meant much to him since he believes in going above and beyond for someone you care about.

Will they get stronger as a result of this battle, or is this the start of the end for their ship?

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