Day 8: Two Fake Housemates introduced to level up – BBNaija 7

Two Fake Housemates introduced to level up |

Day 8: Two Fake Housemates introduced to level up

There were then 26, but! With the introduction of Deji in Level 1 and Modella in Level 2, Big Brother put a wrench in the works tonight by stirring things up in the Level Up House. We now have a total of 28 housemates.

Even while the Housemates were happy that nobody was sent out, the newcomers undoubtedly caused a stir, particularly after the frantic week they had previously experienced.

Ebuka welcomed the energetic pair to the Big Brother Naija Live Show stage while sporting a slick Burgundy agbada.

Deji was the first to be presented, and he pledged to be as genuine and spontaneous as possible.

Of course, he also placed his trust in his attractive physique to keep the game heated.

Deji’s blood crimson attire screamed loudly as it exposed his torso and enraged the audience.

Meet Deji

When the buzzer sounded, there was total stillness and expectation of what awaited the Housemates, but initially, nothing occurred, which made them even more anxious.

The tension on both Levels was very high as the Housemates awaited their destiny.

Dotun and Hermes lost no time in letting Deji know who was who in the House and what was going on.

Hermes sang like a canary as Sheggz glared at him, but Deji joined in and pretended she had no idea what the game was all about.

Meet Modella

The House needs a content queen, and that’s precisely what Modella, who calls herself that, promised Biggie admirers when she arrived in a spotless white bejeweled gown. Africa will need to be patient.

The Housemates stopped short as Modella entered Level 2 as if they had just seen a ghost. She didn’t get any response until she explicitly told them that she was the new Housemate.

Kess, the married man, was the first to rise up, and greet her with an embrace, but the other Housemates seemed genuinely perplexed.

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Ebuka told the Housemates on both Levels before the Show ended that although showing yourself is vital, entertaining the people comes first.

He cautioned, “Relax, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

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