Whitemoney BBNaija Biography: Age, Parents, Girlfriend & Net-worth 2022

Whitemoney BBNaija Biography

Whitemoney BBNaija Biography

If you enjoy reality television, you can’t have failed to notice the face of one of the male roommates on Big Brother Naija, the most popular reality program in Nigeria.

Now, I’m referring to White Money, the man with unquestionable financial acumen.

White Money has been buzzing on social media ever since his introduction on July 24, 2021, as fans continue to ask questions about this guy who has vowed to bring his “A” game in order to win the top prize of 90 million NGN.

Whitemoney BBNaija’s Biography Table

Real NameHazel Oyeye Onou
Year of birth29 years old
State of originEnugu State
Known forBig Brother Naija 2021 (shine ya eye)

Whitemoney BBNaija’s Age, Early Life and Education

Despite going under the moniker White Money, his true name is Hazel Oyeye Onou. White Money was born on June 6, 1992. Enugu State, where BBNaija was born and raised, is where he currently resides.

He lived in Enugu for a long time before relocating to Lagos in search of better opportunities. White Money BBNaija did not have a happy upbringing or background.

When he was younger, he and his mother had to sell food to make ends meet.

Because of his commercial acumen, White Money has been referred to as the quintessential Igbo guy.

White money is a general hustler who has dabbled in a variety of companies to keep a roof over his head and food on the table. I’ve worked in photography, mended tiger generators, and fixed telecommunications poles, all because of the commotion, in White Money’s words.

In addition, White Money stated that he had been an okada rider at the height of his hustle.

When he started importing designer shoes, his formerly varied hustle to make ends meet became constrained.

White Money’s career as a businessman saw a reversal as a result of this business choice since he made quick sales and met important clientele. He now imports designer shoes, and he has big intentions to advance this business. White Money intends to launch his own footwear line.

White money has also had its mark on the music business. He admitted having a few tunes to his name during a conversation with some of his other BbNaija housemates.

Whitemoney BBNaija’s Struggle

Before the house, life was an utterly dreadful scenario. Not funny at all. He almost cried out for everything. He worked much too hard; way, way too hard.

Working on the street could include trading, hawking, driving people’s cars, maintaining their generators, operating an okada, barbecuing, or any other activity.

Consequently, it was not at all enjoyable. For him, it was just a difficult stage of life.

Whitemoney BBNaija’s Girlfriend (Relationship Status)

White money hasn’t been cleared with the person he’s dating yet.

Whitemoney BBNaija’s Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes

Whitemoney claims that his life is a constant source of pleasure and happiness. He likes to drive as one of his leisure pursuits.

Whitemoney also enjoys writing and producing music, which is another one of his interests.

Whitemoney finds relaxation in viewing movies in his leisure time.

In an interview with Big Brother, Whitemoney discussed his pet peeves, which included backbiters and hypocrites.

He also says he hates areas where rumours are spread and gossip mongers.

Whitemoney BBNaija’s Net-worth

Shine Ya Eye, the Big Brother Naija season 6 winner, has helped White Money gain notoriety and intelligence across the world. His current net worth exceeds 90 million NGN.

Other rumours about Whitemoney

The seventh season of BBNaija, the most watched reality TV program in Africa, will return in July with a double launch debut on Saturday, July 23, and Sunday, July 24, 2022, according to a previous report from Vanguard.

Recall that Afije Roseline Omokhoa, aka Liquorose, finished second to Whitemoney in the season 6 competition.

Other contenders included Cross, Pere, Emmanuel, and Angel.

Whitemoney’s supporters thought he was modest, and his cooking prowess and sense of humour contributed to his protracted presence in the house.

Fans knew him as the chef of Big Brother Naija’s sixth season, Shine Ya Eye, and he won over the hearts of many viewers and housemates with his dishes, prompting some to wonder if White Money was using his cooking as a ploy to stay in the house longer.

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