Who Owns Big Brother Naija?

Who Owns Big Brother Naija

Despite the fact that BBNaija has been airing for a while, shockingly little is known about the individuals who produce it.

Although it has produced several new stars, why do viewers still not know who owns Big Brother Naija?

For many years, Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) has been a cultural phenomenon in the nation.

The program has established itself as a mainstay of Nigerian entertainment and popular culture.

The franchise has long delighted viewers with everything from shady confessionals to romantic dramas and heartbreaking evictions.

However, there are still a lot of unresolved concerns regarding BBNaija.

Look at the people that are working behind the scenes.

So who is the owner of Big Brother Naija?

Contrary to popular belief, a consortium of businesses rather than a single person owns the beloved program.

The Banijay Group of Companies, which produces entertainment in more than 20 countries, presently owns BBNaija, however it is said to have changed ownership a several times since the TV show’s inception.

Along with Peaky Blinders, Mr. Bean, and Black Mirror, The Group is also responsible for other internationally popular reality series including Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Survivor.

Despite being the current owners of the popular reality TV series, the Banijay Group of Companies did not create it.

John de Mol Jr. invented the reality show. The owner, a Dutch millionaire who will be 67 in 2022, built his riches as a TV producer and media tycoon.

The Voice and Fear Factor, two well-liked American reality programs, were also produced by him.

Who is the producer of Big Brother Naija? 

Multichoice Nigeria owns a portion of the franchise in Nigeria. The show is hosted by its affiliate Africa Magic.

South African firm Red Pepper Pictures is the creator of BBNaija.

Many people have assumed that Chukwuebuka Obi-Uchendu is Big Brother Naija’s CEO or producer due to his active engagement in the program.

This is not true, though, as Ebuka is only the franchise’s host.

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Who is the real Big Brother Naija?

The voice of Biggie may be Ejike Ibedilo, but Biggie is not Ejike Ibedilo. Because Big Brother is a concept rather than a real person, it is impossible to explicitly respond to the question of who he is.

Evidently, Big Brother Nigeria’s CEO did a fantastic job with the reality TV program. It has a devoted following, and perhaps it will keep Nigerians entertained for many years to come.

Who is the voice behind Big Brother Naija? 

The person that speaks for Big Brother is Mike Ejike Ibedilo. He works as a voice actor, a model, and a broadcaster.

He has had a variety of positions in addition to hosting radio shows on Cool FM.

However, as he has earned the moniker “Biggie,” his voice could be his most valuable attribute.

Origin of Big Brother

BBNaija’s entire premise was inspired by the dystopian world described in the classic science fiction book Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which everyone is constantly being recorded and monitored by cameras and microphones. The format of the series is based on how the “thought police” watch the video in the novel.

The roommates in the show are cooped up in a home and forbidden from communicating with the outside world until the house permits it. In a weekly confessional, the housemates discuss who they think should be kicked out of the house.

Season TitleWinner
Season 1 (2006) N/AKatung Aduwak
Season 2 (2017) See GobeMichael Efe Ejeba
Season 3 (2018)Double WahalaMiracle Igbokwe
Season 4 (2019)Pepper Dem GangMercy Eke
Season 5 (2019)LockdownLaycon
Season 6 (2021)Shine Ya EyeWhitemoney
Season 7 (2022)Don’t sleep on the fame

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